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The Bitcoin Price live today is $ 7,258,213. The current supply in force is BTC 18,310,325 with a market capitalization of $ 135,266,394,263.47.
Also, it will have links to the latest news about Bitcoin, among which stand out: Bitcoin Price Predictions 2020, 2021, 2025. It will have information on the Best Bitcoin Wallet Review, among much more news. They also have exchange guides with which you can consult and have more information.
What is Bitcoin (BTC)?
Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency and was the first to appear on the market. It works through an electronic payment system where only digital money circulates. It is not linked to any bank or government and has its value.
It is the first decentralized cryptocurrency that is based on the blockchain. Also, it is the most commercialized virtual currency worldwide.
It appeared in 2009, and its creator is said to be Satoshi Nakamoto (nothing is known of its creator, its origin is unknown). From this model came the other cryptocurrencies that are currently on the market.
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Posted on April 15, 2020